Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I would like to wish a...
HAPPY DAY OF BIRTH to my adorable cousin LORNIE!!
(aka Lauren) haha. I don't know why, but one day I called her Lornie
and it has just stuck from that day on. I think it's cute &
i'm pretty sure i'm the only one that calls her that. haha Anways,
I hope you have the best birthday Lornie!


I PASSED MY FINALS last semester!!!! Yay!!!
I worked my BEHIND off to pass MedSurg.
I had an F in that class and pulled it up to a B.
THAT is something to be proud of :)

Christmas break was great! I was sohappy to go home & visit with my familia! I have the BEST family in the world. I love them to pieces. My cousin Ashley had her little baby Rachel 4 weeks early. She just wanted to celebrate Christmas with us! Here she is! (I may have (ok I did) stolen this picture from Ashley's Facebook :) Miss Rachel Julena Ross (That headband was made by her adorable and incredibly missed Uncle Trevor).
:) My friend Melissa also had her little boy just a few days after Rachel was born. Itas justa month of cute babies! Here is the handsome little Timothy Carter Coles!!
We got to spend Christmas day with my Uncle Ray, Aunt Sue, & cousins Josh & Allie. It was fun to have them around. We (well...Dad) got some remote control helicopters for Christmas...haha...those were fun.

I came back to Utah to start school and my brain was/is still on vacation.
I just for some reason can't switch my brain back into study mode. haha.
The semester has gone by so fast already.
I have classes on Monday & Tuesday, and we've already had a holiday,
so it just feels like it's gone by WAY faster than it should have. haha.
Next week will be week 6 of the semester. There are only 15 weeks! CRAAAZY!!!
My clinicals have been SO FUN! I have gotten to do a whole lot more things than I did last semester. Last semester I had clinicals from 5pm to 1am. This semester, they are from 6am to 6pm. I am starting to feel like a real nurse! haha. YAY!


Sunday, December 4, 2011

Holy wow....

Ok, is my excuse...back in July I had come up with this HUGE...literally of everything that I had been up to since my last post in February. Well....I don't remember exactly what happened, but it ALL deleted. All the paragraphs and pictures...everything. gone. I cried, gave up, and went to bed. haha.

Well, OBVIOUSLY a lot has gone on since I last posted in February.

Let's see if I can remember & inform you all, which i'm sure you know most of it anyways :) & they are not going to be in order of occurrence...obviously i'm just thinking of them as they come. haha

*I am now at the end of my 3rd semester of nursing school. CRAZY right?! I can't even believe it.

*Courtney came home from her mission

*I went through the Sacramento Temple and received my endowments

*Lake Powell (of course-even though it was only a 3 day trip)

*I turned 26!!

*I went on a cruise to Mexico with one of my best friends, Tasha. & unintentionally ran into my awesome friend Adam Collette and his familia-crazy right!? oh wait...then I then ran into a friend from EFY/one of the biggest crushes I had when I was younger/senior ball date. Oh yeah...and his wife. was so random but super fun)

*I got the calling to be a Visiting Teaching Supervisor (pretty sure I only got this calling because I have NEVER been a good visiting teacher haha)

*Mom & Dad celebrated their 27th wedding anniversary!!! I love my parentals! They are awesome!!!

*My friend Whitney Sheets was married in the Draper Temple to her now hubby Jordan Barney. They are so darn cute! I was so excited that I could be in the Temple with them and share their special day with them!

*Lake trips with my friends from school & the Haunted Forrest for Halloween.

*BEACH HOUSE!!!!! I love that place. it IS amazing.

*My uncle Walt passed away on 11.02.2011. He was such a cute little old man. He will be missed.

*My bestest asian friend Tasha Cunningham married her Prince Charming in the Salt Lake Temple in October. She. looked. BEAUTIFUL! & I am so so happy for her and her new hubby Charlie!!!

*On 11.05.2011 I heard on the news about a small plane that crashed not too far from my apartment. Well...later that day I found out that the pilot of that plane was a dear friend that I knew from my Dixie days. Unfortunately...he didn't survive the crash. He left behind his beautiful bride and 2 handsome little boys (ages 3 and 3 months). It had been years since I talked to Jared...but nonetheless...he was a friend. I was in COMPLETE shock when I heard about his passing. shock. I cried for so many reasons that night. #1 because Jared was taken so unexpectedly #2 I hadn't talked to him in way too long...and now I regret it #3 I REALLY realized that you NEVER know what could happen. #4 My heart ached so much for Jared's wife Laura. I couldn't imagine finding the love of your life and then losing him so tragically; or just losing him at all. Of course...we know that he isn't "lost" but know that you won't see him for who knows how long. My heart aches for her. I came across Jared's name in my phone one day...and my heart just sank. It's amazing how someone who you haven't talked to in so long could have such an impact on you when he passes. He is such a good man & he will be missed.

*This semester has been SO SO hard for me. I wasn't passing my MedSurg class, which is the ONE class that would hold me back a whole other semester. MedSurg is the class where you learn EVERYTHING. Diseases, signs & symptoms, how to treat, everything. ugh! I know that it's an important class, but we had a teacher who was new to our school and didn't know how to teach at an accelerated rate. So we were all behind in everything. It just...wasn't good. I am now finally passing the class. is...better. lol. I had a mental breakdown one day. Literally...BROKE-DOWN. crying. hyperventilating. ugh. it was bad. I am not one to stress out over anything...but I was S-T-R-E-S-S-E-D!!! parents suggested that I go to the temple. (duh right?!). So..I did. I went the next day after class. A-MAZING. My testimony of the temple was strengthened SO much more because of that experience. I KNOW that the temple is the Lord's house. The stress was lifted from my shoulders before I had even gotten back to the dressing room. As soon as the temple worker scanned my recommend...Peace. I felt completely at Peace. I love that place. With ALL my heart.

Well...I just realized that it's almost 1am. I should probably get to bed. I wanted to put pictures up on this blog...but my computer screen broke on my last computer, so I have a new one that doesn't have many pictures on it yet. Sad Day huh :(

Anyways...I'll get better at this I promise. Especially when I have my 3 week break from school. YEEEEEEAH Buddy!!!!

Monday, February 28, 2011

It's a long one....

OH. MY. GOODNESS. What happened to February?? I mean really…where did it go? It’s already March!? **sigh** Well…lets see if I can remember what happened…
*I took a little roadtrip to SoCal to see my favorite little family down there! The McGary’s! I love them!! I finally got to meet baby Azlin & I just love love love that tiny wittle thing! We went to Downtown Disney for dinner one night and we watched the fireworks. It was fun!

I just love baby Azlin & she loves her auntie britty!!!

Andrew, Wynter, and Azlin McGary

It looks like a heart!!!!

*Valentines day was…interesting. Lots of drama, but I got my roses from my daddy which made every problem disappear. That’s all I care about. My dad is the most amazing man I know. He really is. I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for him. I know everyone says that they have the best dad in the world…I’m sorry if you disagree….but I really do.

*I had my first Anatomy & Physiology test…I was more than nervous. I was S-T-R-E-S-S-E-D out. It was our first test and I didn’t know how he structured his tests and there was SO much material to go over, so I was just freaking myself out. I ended up getting a 75.6% on it, which…I wasn’t happy about, but quite a few other people got around the same thing, so that made me feel a little less stupid. Although, I was upset that it brought my grade down from a 95% to an 82%. YIKES! I started to freak out even more. So, for this last test, I was trying harder to get a better grade. I got an 86.8%. Better…and it brought my grade up, but not what I was hoping to get, that’s for sure. I felt like I did a better job on that one too. So…who knows. I have a midterm coming up next Tuesday. It will be covering 16 chapters. **sigh**

*So, I have been able to deal with the snow here because it will snow but then it all melts the next day. Ok…I can work with that…but we got dumped on from that storm that came from California. It snowed a couple of days ago, but it is still here. Grr. Don’t get me wrong…the snow is very pretty, but it is just too stinkin’ cold!

*I love the mountains here though. I think I take a picture of them every day almost. They are just so gorgeous and they look like a backdrop.

Here is the group I went with…super fun!

*So…a few weeks ago I went to a concert at venue called, The Valour, in Provo. $7 to see four performers….not a bad deal. I didn’t know who these performers were, but it sounded like fun, plus…I needed to get out and meet people. I am so glad I did, because I had a lot of fun with these people. I went with a bunch of girls from my ward and a couple guys (they know how to plan their outings). The four performers we saw were, Caleb Blood, cubworld, ryan innes, and Truman. They were all AMAZING!! I would VERY MUCH recommend that you look them up and listen to them. I am now obsessed with ryan innes’ voice. Oh my goodness. (I was informed that he is to marry jen (he doesn’t know that yet). Jen is one of the girls I went with…but we made an agreement that she can let me look, lol) I have all of them as facebook friends…seriously…go listen to them. They are wonderful.

So...I had a picture here for Caleb and I accidently erased it...I'm not blog savvy enough to know how to fix it go to his website and look at his picture. haha
The first video of Truman, is the show that I went to. The one that looks like valentines day threw up on the stage. Lol

Well, this was quite a long post….but I guess that is what happens when I forget to post for the entire month!!! Sorry…I’ll be better about it. I promise.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

I'm Back!

Sorry I missed last week....I was sick and just really didn't feel like doing anything. I sat in bed and watched movies on Netflix all day. haha.

Well, things at school are starting to get super busy. I have my first real test this next week and I. AM. STRESSING. about it. I'm just so nervous and I want so badly to do well in school that i'm just freaking myself out. We have this program that we can sign into called Engrade. On there, the teacher posts assignments and other things for us. Our grade is also up there at all times. We had this take home test, which I thought I got an A on....because its open can you not get an A? Well, I wasn't the only one that got a B. Alot of us did actually. So the fact that I get a B on an open book test is freaking me out about my closed book test. That stupid B brought my grade down to an 88.9%. Yes, its a B+ and almost an A, but its not an A. ugh. I've never been a good student and I really want to be this time. I've never in my life gotten straight A's, and thats what i'm trying to do now.

Can you say Worry Wart?! *sigh*

Anyways. So...this week wasn't too exciting. Just the school. sleep. and more school. Simi's boyfriend, Parminder, flew in from Virginia. He cooked us dinner on Thursday (at least he says he cooked it). haha. He made chinese food. Who doesn't love Chinese food!? It was AMAZING! seriously...SO good! Hence the parenthases in the previous sentence. haha. Parminder just flew out a few hours ago. He'll be back this next weekend too. They're going to San Diego & they're going to drop me off in Costa Mesa. I'm going to play all weekend with Andrew, Wynter, and baby Azlin!!!

Well, I need to get going. I'm getting tired and I have a FULL day of studying to do tomorrow. *sigh* I know this isn't the most exciting post in the world...but....nothing too exciting happened this week. Sorry. I'll try to spice it up a bit for next week. haha :)

Sunday, January 16, 2011


AH! I hate the snow! I hate being cold! I know I’ve only been here for less than a week, but can the snow melt already?! Please?! **sigh** Anyways….

So, the drive over here was actually pretty perfect. The roads going over the pass were clear, we didn’t have any car problems, and we were making good time. Basically, it was a good drive. Once we got into Utah it was SO foggy! Worse than the fog we get at home, but it made for some cool pictures.
We made it here on Wednesday. I got the keys to my apartment and we started unpacking everything. My apartment is on the 3rd floor, but luckily with how the apartments are built…we only had one flight of stairs. J lol, but I definitely did my fair share of running up and down them. Haha. My apartment is SO cute! It’s cute, little and cozy. And I LOVE it!!! It’s a 2 bedroom with a fireplace and a balcony. I get a beautiful view of 9000 S, but I still love it. It’s so weird having an apartment all to yourself. I’ve always moved in with roommates. When I left home, I had a roommate. I sent her a text message as I was driving through Truckee, “How’s the weather out there?” (She is also from California, she got there before I did and was staying with her cousin until I arrived) Her response was, “Great! It’s cold but sunny. I’ve been meaning to call you. I found an apartment closer to my school and I am going to move in there.” Well ok then. I was so excited to only have to pay half of the rent. Hmm, not anymore. Darn it. So…Room for rent! Haha. I should take advantage of the quiet until I find a roommate. started writing that on Monday. I was supposed to have internet sooner, but it just didn't happen. So, now here I am. The snow is actually melting....YAY!!!! I don't have any snow on my cute little balcony and the roads aren't so icy. :) I love it.
I had my first week of nursing school will be intense. I just created a calendar of everything I will have to do this week (unless the teachers give me more to do) and it is JAMMED packed. It's a good thing I didn't plan on having much of a social life out here anyway, haha. I took my first Anatomy and Physiology Test and got an A. I missed 5 questions unfortunately. I looked back over them and 3 were because I really wasn't sure of the answer, and the other 2 I read the question wrong......doh! Oh well, I learned my lesson. :)
I FOUND A ROOMMATE!!! We were in my Lifespan Development class, introducing ourselves for the billionth time, when this girl told the class that she had just moved here yesterday from San Francisco. Our teacher asked her where she was living and her reply was, "in a motel until I can find a place." My hand SHOT up and I said...I have a room!!! lol. As much as I have kind of liked having this place to myself...its also boring. haha. Especially when I hadn't started school yet, I don't have cable or sattelite, and I didn't have internet. It was SOOO boring. lol. Anyway, later that afternoon, she came over with her mom and brother to look at the place. She liked it (who wouldn't) and moved in the next day (friday). Her name is Simi and like I said she and her family live in San Francisco. She originally is from Virginia. I haven't really gotten to know her yet, because she went home this weekend because she is already homesick. haha. Yeah, she better suck it up or else it's going to be a LONG 18 months. Although, I figure...she'll be a good roommate. We are both in the same program. We'll be here the same amount of time. We have the exact same classes this semester. So, it should be good. Hopefully :)

Here are some pictures of my cute little apartment, empty. I am still working on unpacking and getting my apartment all cuteified (yes...that is a new word) and then i'll post some other pictures. When it isn't so....empty. lol.
The kitchen
My bedroom :) My room is smaller than Simi's room,
but that's because I have a HUGE walk-in closet!Looking down the hall from my bedroom
My AMAZING walk-in closet

The 2nd Simi's room
The bathroom

I LOVE my fireplace!!!

My dining room
Laundry Room

My cute little Kitchen :)
Living Room
Well....that's my place!!! I like it! :)
I think I will make Sundays my blogging day :)
I hope you guys have a great week!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

All packed...

Well, here it is...i'm all packed. I hope I have everything. Luckily I got everything in that little trailor. I was going to be so sad if I had to go back and get a bigger one. haha. I already have too much crap. I got my bed, dresser, dining room table and chairs, and 7 years worth of junk in there. Not too shabby right!?
I can't believe I'm moving to Utah. AGAIN! And to the SNOW none-the-less. blaaaah!! I really do not like living in the snow. I like to go and play in it, but not live in it. I am going to FREEZE my butt off! Luckily my Uncle Ray and Aunt Sue got me an entire box of those hand and feet warmers!! :) I might need to go buy 6 or 7 more of them though.
I can't believe i'm REALLY starting nursing school! I have orientation on Friday and my classes start Tuesday. I will have class Tuesday and Thursday for my first semester. Not too bad right!?
I can't wait to get to my apartment and set everything up. I found a roommate who is also a nursing student. Her program starts the same day mine does and her program is also 18 months. Its pretty perfect. lol. :)
Well, it is one of my new years goals to start and keep up a blog while I am in nursing school. To journal everything. I am thinking I will post AT LEAST once a week. Maybe it will start out to be my nursing school blog...but maybe it will eventually become MY blog.
Anyways...I am going to go and party hardy on my last night in Californ-i-a! haha. Ok, i'm not, but I need to go make sure I have everything. My toes are also freezing...which means i'm screwed when I go to Utah. AH!
Good Night All!!! Next time you hear from me...I will be in UTAH!!