Tuesday, January 4, 2011

All packed...

Well, here it is...i'm all packed. I hope I have everything. Luckily I got everything in that little trailor. I was going to be so sad if I had to go back and get a bigger one. haha. I already have too much crap. I got my bed, dresser, dining room table and chairs, and 7 years worth of junk in there. Not too shabby right!?
I can't believe I'm moving to Utah. AGAIN! And to the SNOW none-the-less. blaaaah!! I really do not like living in the snow. I like to go and play in it, but not live in it. I am going to FREEZE my butt off! Luckily my Uncle Ray and Aunt Sue got me an entire box of those hand and feet warmers!! :) I might need to go buy 6 or 7 more of them though.
I can't believe i'm REALLY starting nursing school! I have orientation on Friday and my classes start Tuesday. I will have class Tuesday and Thursday for my first semester. Not too bad right!?
I can't wait to get to my apartment and set everything up. I found a roommate who is also a nursing student. Her program starts the same day mine does and her program is also 18 months. Its pretty perfect. lol. :)
Well, it is one of my new years goals to start and keep up a blog while I am in nursing school. To journal everything. I am thinking I will post AT LEAST once a week. Maybe it will start out to be my nursing school blog...but maybe it will eventually become MY blog.
Anyways...I am going to go and party hardy on my last night in Californ-i-a! haha. Ok, i'm not, but I need to go make sure I have everything. My toes are also freezing...which means i'm screwed when I go to Utah. AH!
Good Night All!!! Next time you hear from me...I will be in UTAH!!

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