Sunday, January 16, 2011


AH! I hate the snow! I hate being cold! I know I’ve only been here for less than a week, but can the snow melt already?! Please?! **sigh** Anyways….

So, the drive over here was actually pretty perfect. The roads going over the pass were clear, we didn’t have any car problems, and we were making good time. Basically, it was a good drive. Once we got into Utah it was SO foggy! Worse than the fog we get at home, but it made for some cool pictures.
We made it here on Wednesday. I got the keys to my apartment and we started unpacking everything. My apartment is on the 3rd floor, but luckily with how the apartments are built…we only had one flight of stairs. J lol, but I definitely did my fair share of running up and down them. Haha. My apartment is SO cute! It’s cute, little and cozy. And I LOVE it!!! It’s a 2 bedroom with a fireplace and a balcony. I get a beautiful view of 9000 S, but I still love it. It’s so weird having an apartment all to yourself. I’ve always moved in with roommates. When I left home, I had a roommate. I sent her a text message as I was driving through Truckee, “How’s the weather out there?” (She is also from California, she got there before I did and was staying with her cousin until I arrived) Her response was, “Great! It’s cold but sunny. I’ve been meaning to call you. I found an apartment closer to my school and I am going to move in there.” Well ok then. I was so excited to only have to pay half of the rent. Hmm, not anymore. Darn it. So…Room for rent! Haha. I should take advantage of the quiet until I find a roommate. started writing that on Monday. I was supposed to have internet sooner, but it just didn't happen. So, now here I am. The snow is actually melting....YAY!!!! I don't have any snow on my cute little balcony and the roads aren't so icy. :) I love it.
I had my first week of nursing school will be intense. I just created a calendar of everything I will have to do this week (unless the teachers give me more to do) and it is JAMMED packed. It's a good thing I didn't plan on having much of a social life out here anyway, haha. I took my first Anatomy and Physiology Test and got an A. I missed 5 questions unfortunately. I looked back over them and 3 were because I really wasn't sure of the answer, and the other 2 I read the question wrong......doh! Oh well, I learned my lesson. :)
I FOUND A ROOMMATE!!! We were in my Lifespan Development class, introducing ourselves for the billionth time, when this girl told the class that she had just moved here yesterday from San Francisco. Our teacher asked her where she was living and her reply was, "in a motel until I can find a place." My hand SHOT up and I said...I have a room!!! lol. As much as I have kind of liked having this place to myself...its also boring. haha. Especially when I hadn't started school yet, I don't have cable or sattelite, and I didn't have internet. It was SOOO boring. lol. Anyway, later that afternoon, she came over with her mom and brother to look at the place. She liked it (who wouldn't) and moved in the next day (friday). Her name is Simi and like I said she and her family live in San Francisco. She originally is from Virginia. I haven't really gotten to know her yet, because she went home this weekend because she is already homesick. haha. Yeah, she better suck it up or else it's going to be a LONG 18 months. Although, I figure...she'll be a good roommate. We are both in the same program. We'll be here the same amount of time. We have the exact same classes this semester. So, it should be good. Hopefully :)

Here are some pictures of my cute little apartment, empty. I am still working on unpacking and getting my apartment all cuteified (yes...that is a new word) and then i'll post some other pictures. When it isn't so....empty. lol.
The kitchen
My bedroom :) My room is smaller than Simi's room,
but that's because I have a HUGE walk-in closet!Looking down the hall from my bedroom
My AMAZING walk-in closet

The 2nd Simi's room
The bathroom

I LOVE my fireplace!!!

My dining room
Laundry Room

My cute little Kitchen :)
Living Room
Well....that's my place!!! I like it! :)
I think I will make Sundays my blogging day :)
I hope you guys have a great week!

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