Monday, February 28, 2011

It's a long one....

OH. MY. GOODNESS. What happened to February?? I mean really…where did it go? It’s already March!? **sigh** Well…lets see if I can remember what happened…
*I took a little roadtrip to SoCal to see my favorite little family down there! The McGary’s! I love them!! I finally got to meet baby Azlin & I just love love love that tiny wittle thing! We went to Downtown Disney for dinner one night and we watched the fireworks. It was fun!

I just love baby Azlin & she loves her auntie britty!!!

Andrew, Wynter, and Azlin McGary

It looks like a heart!!!!

*Valentines day was…interesting. Lots of drama, but I got my roses from my daddy which made every problem disappear. That’s all I care about. My dad is the most amazing man I know. He really is. I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for him. I know everyone says that they have the best dad in the world…I’m sorry if you disagree….but I really do.

*I had my first Anatomy & Physiology test…I was more than nervous. I was S-T-R-E-S-S-E-D out. It was our first test and I didn’t know how he structured his tests and there was SO much material to go over, so I was just freaking myself out. I ended up getting a 75.6% on it, which…I wasn’t happy about, but quite a few other people got around the same thing, so that made me feel a little less stupid. Although, I was upset that it brought my grade down from a 95% to an 82%. YIKES! I started to freak out even more. So, for this last test, I was trying harder to get a better grade. I got an 86.8%. Better…and it brought my grade up, but not what I was hoping to get, that’s for sure. I felt like I did a better job on that one too. So…who knows. I have a midterm coming up next Tuesday. It will be covering 16 chapters. **sigh**

*So, I have been able to deal with the snow here because it will snow but then it all melts the next day. Ok…I can work with that…but we got dumped on from that storm that came from California. It snowed a couple of days ago, but it is still here. Grr. Don’t get me wrong…the snow is very pretty, but it is just too stinkin’ cold!

*I love the mountains here though. I think I take a picture of them every day almost. They are just so gorgeous and they look like a backdrop.

Here is the group I went with…super fun!

*So…a few weeks ago I went to a concert at venue called, The Valour, in Provo. $7 to see four performers….not a bad deal. I didn’t know who these performers were, but it sounded like fun, plus…I needed to get out and meet people. I am so glad I did, because I had a lot of fun with these people. I went with a bunch of girls from my ward and a couple guys (they know how to plan their outings). The four performers we saw were, Caleb Blood, cubworld, ryan innes, and Truman. They were all AMAZING!! I would VERY MUCH recommend that you look them up and listen to them. I am now obsessed with ryan innes’ voice. Oh my goodness. (I was informed that he is to marry jen (he doesn’t know that yet). Jen is one of the girls I went with…but we made an agreement that she can let me look, lol) I have all of them as facebook friends…seriously…go listen to them. They are wonderful.

So...I had a picture here for Caleb and I accidently erased it...I'm not blog savvy enough to know how to fix it go to his website and look at his picture. haha
The first video of Truman, is the show that I went to. The one that looks like valentines day threw up on the stage. Lol

Well, this was quite a long post….but I guess that is what happens when I forget to post for the entire month!!! Sorry…I’ll be better about it. I promise.