Sunday, December 4, 2011

Holy wow....

Ok, is my excuse...back in July I had come up with this HUGE...literally of everything that I had been up to since my last post in February. Well....I don't remember exactly what happened, but it ALL deleted. All the paragraphs and pictures...everything. gone. I cried, gave up, and went to bed. haha.

Well, OBVIOUSLY a lot has gone on since I last posted in February.

Let's see if I can remember & inform you all, which i'm sure you know most of it anyways :) & they are not going to be in order of occurrence...obviously i'm just thinking of them as they come. haha

*I am now at the end of my 3rd semester of nursing school. CRAZY right?! I can't even believe it.

*Courtney came home from her mission

*I went through the Sacramento Temple and received my endowments

*Lake Powell (of course-even though it was only a 3 day trip)

*I turned 26!!

*I went on a cruise to Mexico with one of my best friends, Tasha. & unintentionally ran into my awesome friend Adam Collette and his familia-crazy right!? oh wait...then I then ran into a friend from EFY/one of the biggest crushes I had when I was younger/senior ball date. Oh yeah...and his wife. was so random but super fun)

*I got the calling to be a Visiting Teaching Supervisor (pretty sure I only got this calling because I have NEVER been a good visiting teacher haha)

*Mom & Dad celebrated their 27th wedding anniversary!!! I love my parentals! They are awesome!!!

*My friend Whitney Sheets was married in the Draper Temple to her now hubby Jordan Barney. They are so darn cute! I was so excited that I could be in the Temple with them and share their special day with them!

*Lake trips with my friends from school & the Haunted Forrest for Halloween.

*BEACH HOUSE!!!!! I love that place. it IS amazing.

*My uncle Walt passed away on 11.02.2011. He was such a cute little old man. He will be missed.

*My bestest asian friend Tasha Cunningham married her Prince Charming in the Salt Lake Temple in October. She. looked. BEAUTIFUL! & I am so so happy for her and her new hubby Charlie!!!

*On 11.05.2011 I heard on the news about a small plane that crashed not too far from my apartment. Well...later that day I found out that the pilot of that plane was a dear friend that I knew from my Dixie days. Unfortunately...he didn't survive the crash. He left behind his beautiful bride and 2 handsome little boys (ages 3 and 3 months). It had been years since I talked to Jared...but nonetheless...he was a friend. I was in COMPLETE shock when I heard about his passing. shock. I cried for so many reasons that night. #1 because Jared was taken so unexpectedly #2 I hadn't talked to him in way too long...and now I regret it #3 I REALLY realized that you NEVER know what could happen. #4 My heart ached so much for Jared's wife Laura. I couldn't imagine finding the love of your life and then losing him so tragically; or just losing him at all. Of course...we know that he isn't "lost" but know that you won't see him for who knows how long. My heart aches for her. I came across Jared's name in my phone one day...and my heart just sank. It's amazing how someone who you haven't talked to in so long could have such an impact on you when he passes. He is such a good man & he will be missed.

*This semester has been SO SO hard for me. I wasn't passing my MedSurg class, which is the ONE class that would hold me back a whole other semester. MedSurg is the class where you learn EVERYTHING. Diseases, signs & symptoms, how to treat, everything. ugh! I know that it's an important class, but we had a teacher who was new to our school and didn't know how to teach at an accelerated rate. So we were all behind in everything. It just...wasn't good. I am now finally passing the class. is...better. lol. I had a mental breakdown one day. Literally...BROKE-DOWN. crying. hyperventilating. ugh. it was bad. I am not one to stress out over anything...but I was S-T-R-E-S-S-E-D!!! parents suggested that I go to the temple. (duh right?!). So..I did. I went the next day after class. A-MAZING. My testimony of the temple was strengthened SO much more because of that experience. I KNOW that the temple is the Lord's house. The stress was lifted from my shoulders before I had even gotten back to the dressing room. As soon as the temple worker scanned my recommend...Peace. I felt completely at Peace. I love that place. With ALL my heart.

Well...I just realized that it's almost 1am. I should probably get to bed. I wanted to put pictures up on this blog...but my computer screen broke on my last computer, so I have a new one that doesn't have many pictures on it yet. Sad Day huh :(

Anyways...I'll get better at this I promise. Especially when I have my 3 week break from school. YEEEEEEAH Buddy!!!!

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